Sunday, July 26, 2009

My Little Girl is Growing Up!!!

So today Phoebe got her ears pierced! I can't believe it... for the past year or so, everytime we pass an ear piercing place, I ask her if she wants her ears pierced. Every time she says, "No, Mommy, it hurts!". I don't know why I even started asking. I think it's because she's such a girlie girl and she LOVES jewelry and makeup and everything girly!

Well, today we went to a shopping plaza and Phoebe was with me while I exchanged my running shoes and Payton went with Chef Hubby to Best Buy. I had bought a pair a few weeks ago and wore them once - they HURT!! WTF... running shoes aren't supposed to hurt! They should feel like you are running on a cloud... anyway, sorry...

So we exchanged them and started walking over to Best Buy. We passed a Claire's and I asked if she wanted her ears pierced and she said "Yes". OMG!! So being the type of mom that doesn't like to leave my children unprepared, I said "Are you sure? You know it's gonna hurt"

Phoebe: "Not too much though"
Mommy: "But it's going to hurt, are you really sure you still want them?"
Phoebe: "Yeah"

Ok, so we enter the store and I find an employee to find out the info. I asked if they can both get done at the same time - get it over with, right?? Of course, one of the guns is broken so today that isnt possible! UGH... so back to the kid...

Mommy: "OK, Phoebe, they have to do one at a time. We are getting both today. So, it's going to hurt, but we aren't leaving until both get done. Are you still sure you want them?"
Phoebe: "Uh huh"

Deep Breath... ok, so we head over to the ear piercing area. She picks out her pair (pink daisy 14kt earrings - what happened to the plain studs or birth stones?!?! Man, kids have options these days!!) We put her in the chair and I let her hold the "hug bear". The girl comes over and I prep Phoebe some more...

Mommy: "OK, so its gonna hurt, but not a lot. Kinda like when we go to the doctors - OK?"
Phoebe: "Yeah, mommy. It's only gonna hurt a little"

So then this little girl comes over and tries showing her the magnetic earrings. They are butterflies. Now Phoebe wants the butterflies. Part of me was hoping she'd settle for the butterflies, but no she wants the real deal.

The girl marks the ears, and places the stud in the gun... Pop - done! She looks ok... no tears, no fuss... she seems happy!! YAY!! Maybe it only hurts a little - cool! Then she proceeds to clean and rotate the earring and check the backing... all before doing the other ear - WTF?!!

Guess what - it started to hurt! Of course!! So I reminded Phoebe that she needed to get the other ear done... that was our deal. I had to hold her :o( She cried. She stopped crying though, when the girl gave her a lollipop... ok, so I didn't hate her anymore. Then she wanted ice cream. So we found Daddy and Payton and headed over to the Verizon store, who was celebrating their 1yr anniversary. It couldn't have been easier... they had ice cream, frisbees, snacks, etc - FREE!! The kids were psyched! Payton wants earrings now, but mommy needs to recover from the trauma... my little girl has earrings.

Wow... and she's starting kindergarten in only 6 weeks. I've never been the type of mom to be sad when my kids hit milestones, but I think I might be changing. Oh man... wish me luck!