Saturday, September 27, 2008

Wow it's been a while!!

I knew that I hadn't made a post in a little while, but I had no idea that 2 weeks had already past!! I've been very busy, but after thinking about it, I'm not sure why. I've definitely been more productive in the mornings. I've decided that I'm making me a priority again... go me!!

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was going to be meeting with a personal trainer, right? Well, I met, I worked, I hurt, I loved it!!! I signed up for 2 sessions a week for the year. I figure that hopefully in that time I will finally get down to where I want to be. I pretty much stayed at the same weight now for almost 6 months.

I know that isn't all the bad after losing close to 70 pounds, but seriously, I'm only 25 pounds from my goal weight, why not just get it done? Right?!

I've done 5 sessions now and I've already dropped 3 lbs and noticed a big improvement in how my pants fit. It's so exciting!! I was going to post pics to show just how far I've come, until I realized the only real pics I have of me are when I'm wearing a really big t-shirt. I swear I don't always wear them, but it seems that way in our photo library!!

Now I have to get sorta cute and take a pic! Anyway, I'm back!

BTW - I know I was tagged and I will post that, I promise!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Muffin Tin Monday

So I haven't actually posted one in a little while, but trust me, it isn't because I haven't been doing them. I did however, miss out on last weeks' challenge over at Sycamore Stirrings' site. It was to make a muffin tin inspired by some children's literature. Although I loved the idea and couldn't wait to do it, I never got around to it. Bummer, I know. But I'm still thinking about it... it's going to be perfect when I actually get around to it... lol!

Anyway, this was what I came up with for supper for the kids...
Phoebe's Muffin Tin (I love this 8 muffin tin!!):
Ranch Dressing, chicken nuggets, american cheese cubed, chicken hot dog
french fries, edamame, dry roasted peanuts, trix yogurt
Paytons' Muffin Tin:
French fries, dry roasted peanuts, american cheese cubed
chicken nuggets, edamame, chicken hot dog

They loved them!! Success... and for some reason, my kids actually behave soo much better when they've eaten a decent meal. I swear I think they have a hypolgycemic thing going, but I was told that it's probably not an issue. Anyway, it works - usually!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I made it!!

OK, so I made it through my crazy day... but not without a little extra stress. The personal trainer thing was awesome, so I decided to sign up for 2 sessions a week. It was a bit more expensive than I had expected, but you what, I'm worth it, right?!?! Anyway, so that starts tomorrow. I'm actually still a little sore from Tuesday, but I'm tough - I hope!

I got to the zoo late because instead of leaving the gym at 10:30 like I had told them I had to, I got in my car at 10:56... not good! Supposed to meet LH and EL at 11:00 at the zoo... EL wasn't able to make it, we missed her and the boys, but we rescheduled... lol. So LH and the girls went for a stroll. The weather started looking not so good, so when we finished up, we headed to the cars, fast!

I was able to pack lunches and shower and change before having to leave to pick up Phoebe at pre-school. Got there just as they were letting the kids and flew over to work. Of course, both kids fell asleep in the car AND it was downpouring!! I'm not talking a little rain... it was bobcats and coyotes!!! Anyway, I had to make the decision to wake them up and drag them through the rain half awake or run into the school, grab my babysitter and have her watch them in the car. Being the insanely paranoid mommy that I am, I chose to wake them... not good!!!!

When we got through the rain, after Phoebe fell in a puddle fighting to gain control of the umbrella that I was carrying, there were no lights in the school!!! The darn power was out and no one called me to let me know that all the sports had been cancelled! The kids could have stayed sleeping and woken up nice and refreshed... but no... that would have been way too easy!!!

So we made it home, dried off, had a picnic lunch in front of the television, and waited for Chef Daddy to come home. In the end, we all survived and both kids were in bed by 7:45pm... hooray! Well, at least until Payton woke up sick at 11:00pm, but that's another story... lol

Have a great night! I have an appointment with my trainer tomorrow morning, so I need some rest. Wish me luck!!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Getting into a Schedule

Have you ever tried to get into a schedule? It initially sucks, doesn't it? Right now Phoebe needs to be at school for 9am on Monday and Tuesday. I need to start going to the gym A LOT. So I decided that everyday we should be out of the house by 8:45 latest. Doesn't sound like a big deal do it? Well, it is!!

I don't know about anyone else, but my kids eat soo slowly!! It actually freaks me out knowing that at school Phoebe only has 15minutes to eat lunch! It seriously takes her longer than that to pee because she just sits there. In the mornings I've been lucky that both kids manage to get up by 7:30 or 8am. They used to sleep til 9:oo easy but now we also have a bed time routine... we used to fake one... lol!!

So now, we get up, try to eat and get dressed, brush teeth, fix hair and get in the car on time to get Phoebe to school. Then I get to go to the gym with Payton... she loves loves loves it! It's got toys and kids and plenty of room for her to play. Mommy loves it because she's in competition with Daddy to get in shape. It's to help keep us both motivated. So far, it's working well :o)

Anyway, now I am exhausted and need to go to bed!

By the way... we have a new sink and my bathroom is almost done! Yeah!! I will try to finish up the molding and chair rail and post pics for anyone who is interested. This week my focus is to finish painting the walls in the living room because my new sectional is being delivered on Saturday. I am VERY excited!!

OK, that's it. I have to drop Phoebe off, run to the store, then run to the gym where I will be meeting with a personal trainer. Yes, I am a certified strength and conditioning specialist and a certified athletic trainer, so I shouldn't need his help, but there's a big difference between creating a kick ass program for someone else and one for yourself... I know what exercises I don't like to do!! lmao! Hey I've always known "how to get in shape" but it's the doing it that makes all the difference. THEN I get to meet EL and LH with the kids at the zoo for a mommy walk. Man, if I make it through the morning I will be very excited... I'll let you know!

Monday, September 1, 2008

My 50th Post... woohoo!!

Phoebe is 4 yrs old now!! We had a big party and under direct order, had to have a doll cake!! So my mom decorated the cake, I decorated the cupcakes, and Chef Hubby put on the rest of the spread. All in all, everyone had a blast, left stuffed, and the birthday girl could not have been more thrilled!!

Aren't they pretty?!?

She was kinda bummed it didn't look like the box, but my mom convinced her that the doll on the cake box was a mommy doll and this is a kid doll... thankfully, she bought it!!

This was the whole gang... well, most of the gang! We missed you H and W!!!

Anyway, now she starts pre-school tomorrow!! I thought that I was going to be fine, but I actually feel a little nervous. I'm afraid that she's not going to like the lunch, or she'll be too shy to play with the other kids. I know I'm just stressing, but it's a little overwhelming!! I'll let you know how it goes! I also bought a new battery so I'll be able to get a first day picture and all that demented mommy stuff!