Monday, September 15, 2008

Muffin Tin Monday

So I haven't actually posted one in a little while, but trust me, it isn't because I haven't been doing them. I did however, miss out on last weeks' challenge over at Sycamore Stirrings' site. It was to make a muffin tin inspired by some children's literature. Although I loved the idea and couldn't wait to do it, I never got around to it. Bummer, I know. But I'm still thinking about it... it's going to be perfect when I actually get around to it... lol!

Anyway, this was what I came up with for supper for the kids...
Phoebe's Muffin Tin (I love this 8 muffin tin!!):
Ranch Dressing, chicken nuggets, american cheese cubed, chicken hot dog
french fries, edamame, dry roasted peanuts, trix yogurt
Paytons' Muffin Tin:
French fries, dry roasted peanuts, american cheese cubed
chicken nuggets, edamame, chicken hot dog

They loved them!! Success... and for some reason, my kids actually behave soo much better when they've eaten a decent meal. I swear I think they have a hypolgycemic thing going, but I was told that it's probably not an issue. Anyway, it works - usually!


Becky said...

I was waiting for someone to find an alternative similarity, way to go! I don't know about you but it has always amazed me how much my kids love edemame, I noticed you had some in your tin. My 3 year eats them like candy.

Michelle Sybert said...

They look so happy! And I love the eight slot tin! Yay for Muffin Tin Meals!

elizabeth said...

I tagged you for a six quirks meme. Details at my blog.

Jenny in Utah said...

looks great - nice variety for the kids

Jessica said...

What a great idea! Your girls seem to love it!

girrrlyouonfire said...

Wicked cute!