Tuesday, September 22, 2009


The past few weeks have been crazy!! The girls are both in school right now, Chef Hubby is back at school during the day, and I'm back at the high school after school to provide medical coverage for all of the sport teams... oh yeah, and trying insanely to figure out what the heck I'm supposed to do during the day!

So far, I've spent some mornings working out, shopping, going on playdates with my mommy friends, minus my own little ones (that's very weird, might I add), slept in, and tried like crazy to get some work done. Can I just tell you how NOT motivated I am to get the chores done.

Lately, I've been very stressed. I drop the kids off at school, get them settled into their classrooms, and head out, hoping that they will be taken care of. Seriously, that should be a no brainer since they are currently enrolled in a Catholic school down the street, right?!! Well, not so much...

2 days into Kindergarten and Phoebe came home announcing that a boy kissed her ("on the cheek, so it's ok mommy"). She couldn't remember his name, but they were going to get married and then have 3 babies!! WTF? So then she made him a card and he didn't want it. Now she doesn't want to go to school anymore... ugh!

Payton is in school in pull-ups right now because she's still quite strongwilled and I'm not ready to bring in 3 sets of clothes everyday. Actually, in school she's been doing great! She comes home dry almost aways, but it's entirely different on the weekends. Anyone got any suggestions? She is absolutely smitten with her teacher... it's so cute. It's hard to get her to walk instead of run when we get to the hallway that leads to her classroom.

My mom is also keeping me on my toes. As I write this, I'm awaiting the call that lets me know she's recovering nicely after being a kidney donor this morning. She decided that she was going to do it in the end of March and immediately quit smoking after over 40yrs. The recipient is a 25 yr old son of one of her coworkers. To say that emotions are high right now is putting it mildly.

Anyway, I am hoping to start posting more regularly again. Wish me luck!