Tuesday, July 6, 2010


So we really have been busy, and I was actually going to post some more pics, but got frustrated because I forget how impossible it is to arrange them!!

This was Phoebe right after she got her hair cut. They had to straighten it in order to get enough to send to Locks of Love. She was sooo excited to look like her BFF in school, who has straight hair... can you tell??

Then there was Easter... and decorating eggs. Yes, I know that was over 3 months ago, but I'm trying to catch up!!
Isn't it beautiful?!?! hehe

Yes, I'm telling her where to look. She was doing sooo well, but the other 2 were super fast and I didn't want her to get left with nothing.
They all ended up pretty even :)
Career Day at school... Phoebe is a Vet and Payton was a nurse.

The Zooquarium for the class field trip. I couldn't believe that Phoebe actually touched it!!

The Walk-a-thon and field day. Isn't that the cutest!? The noodle is actually a "hose". It started out that way and by the end, all of the kids were running around whacking each other!
Water balloon relay. Do you believe that none of them popped!?!

There's Phoebe on the right... "preparing"
Our little "Calendar Girl". This was during her graduation celebration. She got to do the days of the week and she did awesome!! So proud :)
Phoebe and Tyler... inseparable. Uh oh... Daddy's not too impressed
Yes, that's Payton chewing on her diploma!!

My brother, sister-in-law and niece came to visit. You can definitely tell they are related. Isn't she soooo cute??!
Yay... the zoo!!

Just before her very first "real" hair cut...
Isn't it sooo cute??
Attack dog... lmao
Oh and this is the Peach Cobbler, but I have a confession. I forgot to ask how he made the crumb topping so I can't post the recipe YET. I promise it will be coming soon :)

Monday, July 5, 2010

Update on the Cooking on a Budget

We've been doing pretty other than splurging on some locally handmade ice cream... omg, that is totally my weakness! Well, that and chinese, subway, and Honey Dew!! If you don't have a Honey Dew near you, I'm sorry. I'm sorry because you've never had an Iced Mocha Madness. It's sooo yummy. I know a lot of places have the same type of drink, half coffee/half cocoa combo, but it never tastes like theirs. Theirs' is soo yummy. I actually have to get mine decaf because Phoebe steals it usually and I don't think that a 5yr old really needs any more energy.

Anyway, Price Rite is still helping big time as far as keeping food costs down. Apples are $.99/lb, grapes $1.29/lb, banana $.49/lb, pineapples $2.99 each - all the time!! Awesome. It also helps that cereals are under $2/box unless they are the BIG boxes of Pops, Frosted Flakes, or Fruit Loops, but even then, it's just $2.99 each. I wish they sold store cards because everyone would get those for gifts :)

I know it's the middle of the summer and the last thing on your minds, but don't forget that the food pantries still need help, as well. I'm as guilty as everyone else, because we drifted. Not because we don't care (because we really do) but because we got caught up in life and simply forgot. Silly, sad, typical... I know. BUT that doesn't mean, we can't start again! Canned fruit is great, but stored in the juice is definitely better than the heavy syrup stuff. Canned veggies aren't as refreshing as the fresh produce, but it can still be used to make some great recipes!

I will start posting some canned food recipes, and please, if you have any recommendations, feel free to let me know! I want to make a second edition of the Pantry Cookbook this year :)

Summer So Far

Sorry, I have been the WORST blogger ever, but I am really trying to do better. Even Chef Hubby is helping me get motivated. My plan for today was to show all kinds of pics to prove that we've been busy BUT the adapter for the camera is missing and I can't upload them :(

This is a good thing in way though, cuz that means I will be posting twice this week :) As soon as I find it, you'll get to see my new little garden, Payton's "big girl" haircut, the super yummy peach cobbler that Chef Hubby whipped up for a cookout using some fresh peaches we bought roadside, yesterday, and much much more... hehe. Aren't you excited??

I'll be sharing the recipe for the cobbler when I post the pic, but for now I can share I recipe I borrowed for a work cookout last week. If you love the Girl Scout Samoas cookies, you are going to want to make these IMMEDIATELY!!! lol

Baking Bites made Samoas Bars a while back and I have been meaning to make them since. Unfortunately, I didn't read the recipe and thought that they would be difficult and time consuming... so wrong!! They are very basic and super easy. OK, ok... I bribed Chef Hubby to make them for me while I went out to hang with one of my bestest girlfriends, but I read the recipe and it IS easy :) The most difficult part was dipping them because, the bottoms would break off a little and crumble into the chocolate mixture (then I would just stir it up and smash the pieces to bits - unless the piece was really big, then I would scoop it out and eat it... hehe)

Anyway, check out the recipe!!! She also has other girl scout cookie recipes, including Thin Mints.... mmmm mmm. Those might have to be next!

Now heading to the cookout soon, so I have to get the kiddos ready - it's gotta be a hot summer day cuz I actually got them down for a nap!! Yay! That meant that Chef Hubby and I were able to have some Manchango cheese, crackers, and grapes for lunch. Perfect for the heat. Hope that your 4th of July weekend has been as restful as ours!