Tuesday, July 6, 2010


So we really have been busy, and I was actually going to post some more pics, but got frustrated because I forget how impossible it is to arrange them!!

This was Phoebe right after she got her hair cut. They had to straighten it in order to get enough to send to Locks of Love. She was sooo excited to look like her BFF in school, who has straight hair... can you tell??

Then there was Easter... and decorating eggs. Yes, I know that was over 3 months ago, but I'm trying to catch up!!
Isn't it beautiful?!?! hehe

Yes, I'm telling her where to look. She was doing sooo well, but the other 2 were super fast and I didn't want her to get left with nothing.
They all ended up pretty even :)
Career Day at school... Phoebe is a Vet and Payton was a nurse.

The Zooquarium for the class field trip. I couldn't believe that Phoebe actually touched it!!

The Walk-a-thon and field day. Isn't that the cutest!? The noodle is actually a "hose". It started out that way and by the end, all of the kids were running around whacking each other!
Water balloon relay. Do you believe that none of them popped!?!

There's Phoebe on the right... "preparing"
Our little "Calendar Girl". This was during her graduation celebration. She got to do the days of the week and she did awesome!! So proud :)
Phoebe and Tyler... inseparable. Uh oh... Daddy's not too impressed
Yes, that's Payton chewing on her diploma!!

My brother, sister-in-law and niece came to visit. You can definitely tell they are related. Isn't she soooo cute??!
Yay... the zoo!!

Just before her very first "real" hair cut...
Isn't it sooo cute??
Attack dog... lmao
Oh and this is the Peach Cobbler, but I have a confession. I forgot to ask how he made the crumb topping so I can't post the recipe YET. I promise it will be coming soon :)

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