Saturday, October 22, 2011

Another apology...

I can't believe it's been almost 2 weeks since I've last posted. I didn't mean to step away for so long.

Things have been crazy!!

Phoebe will be in a show this weekend. It's going to be sooo cute... I can't wait. She's a "Who" in Seussical Jr - The Musical.

Her BFF got the understudy part Jo Jo, the smallest Who in Whoville, which caused a little bit of tension in the beginning. BUT then, Phoebe got the understudy part for the Young Kangaroo and it's all better now :) lol

Don't you wish problems were this easy to solve in the real world??

Actually, now that I think about it... maybe some of them ARE that easy to solve.

Since the last post, my husband won the primary election for our Ward in the city. I couldn't be more proud. I am impressed daily by his determination and commitment to this city. He has been nonstop answering calls, attending meeting, doing radio interviews and debates. It's just constant motion. He is so good at handling it. Me, not so much :(

I have to admit... I need to go back to Weight Watchers, because my coping method seems to have packed on a couple of extra pounds. **sigh**

I am NOT the politician in the family. I say stuff that shouldn't be said, without even realizing it. So I've learned to just say nothing... which is very difficult for me! ugh!!! I just keep saying the Penguins of Madagascar's mantra "Smile and wave, boys! Smile and wave."

That's pretty much what I've been doing my entire life because I'm not a big fan of conflict, but it's my coping mechanism now. I'm awful with names so you smile and shake hands, enter the small talk and pray to God you don't get caught not knowing.

Am I alone??

I don't know. The show is done this weekend. The official election is November 8th. I just need to make it til then. Unfortunately, Halloween falls in between which leaves plenty of candy in the house to soothe me!! lol

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE my girlfriends!!! They have helped me in so many ways...

Watching my kids.
Letting me vent.
Dragging me for runs.
Mixing me a drink.
Making me laugh.
Letting me cry.
Just making me feel sane.

I love them...

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Changes, changes, everywhere!!

Phew! It's over.

Remember way back when I posted my "Cryptic message"? Well, I had an interview for a teaching job.

A teaching job that I had applied for way back in March of last year.

My interview was the very first day of Football preseason! As many of the parents out there know... the first day of football preseason isn't pretty.

There are lots of forms that need to be turned in. Lots of kids who haven't done anything all summer. Lots of stupid injuries that could have been avoided. Lots of whining, moaning, groaning, etc.

All of which I am responsible for dealing with!!!

But, I had the interview too...

It lasted 17 minutes. Yeah. That's it. All my eggs in one basket. Hoping that those 17 mins were enough.

Fortunately, I had 2 a days to keep my occupied... oh and those final 30 miles in 2 weeks left to finish for my 99/100 Summer Run Challenge!

Anyway, I got the call with the job offer the following week and was able to start subbing "for myself" the day after Labor Day. It was fun. It was hectic. It was still NOT official, because my husband also worked at the school and they have an Anti-Nepotism rule, which meant that I had to be approved by the school committee the following week.

It passed and I was officially offered the job. THEN, I had to give my resignation at the high school I had been working at for 5+ years as the Athletic Trainer, or more specifically, the hospital I have been contracted out of. They require 2wks, but requested 3 weeks so that I could help with the transition. No problem. I love the people there - the kids, the coaches, the staff, heck, even the parents I work with there ROCK!

So for the past 5wks I have been working as a Physical Education teacher at one school, an Athletic Trainer at another school, a Campaign Manager for my husband's campaign, and a mom. Can you say EXHAUSTED??

Last night was my last "official" night at as the Athletic Trainer and I was sad.

There were so many former students that came to say goodbye and I was swarmed by hugs from the present ones. I cried AGAIN on the way home. Man, this has been a killer.

I am so excited to be a part of my new school. I can't wait to be able to add my spin to the mix. I've already learned so much from my coworkers and there is still so much left to figure out. I'm already planning to go to a lot of the games to make sure that everything is going well... and to actually be able to talk and mingle with the spectators.

Transitions are crazy. Change is scary. I'm not sure what I'm going to do, but I can't wait to figure it out :)