Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Long Overdue

This summer and fall have flown by... actually, I didn't even notice how quickly until I started going through our pictures! It's crazy. We had a ton of fun... check it out...

Horseneck Beach for a visit with some of Chef Hubby's coworkers. The kids and Henry had a great time splashing in the waves while I chatted with the other wives/moms on the beach :)

Then we went camping again! Had another amazing time and I'm already looking forward to next summer's trip. The kids were a lot easier to do things with and I didn't have to worry about the fire, etc. Good times with great people!
Once again, Daddy and the girls playing in the water while I got to hang out on the beach... hehe :)

btw... this is the 3rd summer that Payton's been able to wear this bathing suit! It's amazing how much room a swimming diaper takes up... when it's gone, there's so much room!

This was the first tooth that Phoebe lost this summer. It was pushed out by the new one growing in. The same thing happened with the other front tooth just weeks later... and no I don't have picture!! I'm pretty sure my mom does though :)

Toasting marshmallows for s'mores is always a scary thing. I hate it when the kids accidentally set theirs' on fire and then swing around with it! Fortunately, Payton could teach everyone about Stop, Drop, and Roll!! lmao
Oh, and fyi... my kids don't usually even eat the damn s'mores... they just like building them and handing them off to mommy and daddy! It's gets sickening pretty quickly - seriously!

Poor little Rebel... he had so much fun, he put himself to bed 2 nights in a row. This particular time, he didn't even bother getting comfy on one of the beds!
The nightly tradition... A sponge bath for the kiddos! Fill the basin with warm water, let them wash their hands, then bring them into the tent and step in it to get their feet, legs, and bodies! It worked great :) and they had a blast
Once they were asleep, we were able to settle in and watch the fire glow... can you feel the moment??

OK, so this is actually Payton's first day of school, Phoebe started a week earlier, but trust me... she didn't change much! lmao

Sisterly love!! Man, I hope they like each other this much - FOREVER!!
Our new daily chart... it's been working great! A friend told me about a rewards catalog and I LOVE the idea, but haven't gotten around to starting it yet. One thing at a time ;)

The first b-day party of the year was a success! Gotta tell you, though - those parents are sooo much more relaxed than I am! The kids had sooo much fun!! I would have been totally stressed out with some of the games they did because of the mess. Ched Hubby told me they did a game where you wrapped a friend in toilet paper to make a living statue... now you know where all of the paper goes after, right??

I LOVE this picture of Payton!! Had to include it :) She's going to be 4 in a couple of weeks. My baby, 4 years old! Wow!!

Well, that's what we've been up to... at least some of what we've been up to. Going to try to do better at posting! Have a great day :) Stay safe!