Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I made it!!

OK, so I made it through my crazy day... but not without a little extra stress. The personal trainer thing was awesome, so I decided to sign up for 2 sessions a week. It was a bit more expensive than I had expected, but you what, I'm worth it, right?!?! Anyway, so that starts tomorrow. I'm actually still a little sore from Tuesday, but I'm tough - I hope!

I got to the zoo late because instead of leaving the gym at 10:30 like I had told them I had to, I got in my car at 10:56... not good! Supposed to meet LH and EL at 11:00 at the zoo... EL wasn't able to make it, we missed her and the boys, but we rescheduled... lol. So LH and the girls went for a stroll. The weather started looking not so good, so when we finished up, we headed to the cars, fast!

I was able to pack lunches and shower and change before having to leave to pick up Phoebe at pre-school. Got there just as they were letting the kids and flew over to work. Of course, both kids fell asleep in the car AND it was downpouring!! I'm not talking a little rain... it was bobcats and coyotes!!! Anyway, I had to make the decision to wake them up and drag them through the rain half awake or run into the school, grab my babysitter and have her watch them in the car. Being the insanely paranoid mommy that I am, I chose to wake them... not good!!!!

When we got through the rain, after Phoebe fell in a puddle fighting to gain control of the umbrella that I was carrying, there were no lights in the school!!! The darn power was out and no one called me to let me know that all the sports had been cancelled! The kids could have stayed sleeping and woken up nice and refreshed... but no... that would have been way too easy!!!

So we made it home, dried off, had a picnic lunch in front of the television, and waited for Chef Daddy to come home. In the end, we all survived and both kids were in bed by 7:45pm... hooray! Well, at least until Payton woke up sick at 11:00pm, but that's another story... lol

Have a great night! I have an appointment with my trainer tomorrow morning, so I need some rest. Wish me luck!!

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