Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Valentine's Day

I know it's a little late, but I felt the need to talk about Valentine's Day. I've almost always loved Valentine's Day. When I was younger, my mom would get us cards and even mailed them to us in college. In college, I had the boyfriends, and immediately following grad school, I met my husband. I have many valentine's memories... most of them, however, include totally stressing about what to get my loved one.

Has anyone else been dragged down by this guilt, this pressure?? Each year, I try to find the perfect card (ok... I always forget and then end up getting the most perfect leftover... lol) and the most perfect gift. Seriously, I usually end up in VS because it's the least brain power required and it's something that I know my hubby will appreciate. Yes, I know, pathetic, and Elizabeth will be shaking her head saying TMI... but it's the truth!

This year my mom said something and at first I was skeptical. I mean, during a conversation, she said straightfaced, "I hate Valentine's Day". Wow... that just struck me. Who the hell can hate the day of love?? But then she continued with, "If you need to set a day aside to tell me you love me, what's the point?" She's right!!

All year my husband and I get each other cards, or cook that special meal, or have a special night. Why do I get so stressed out about this one stupid "declared day of love"??? He knows I love him. My kids know we love them. What the heck were we thinking? So we decided that we weren't going to exchange cards or gifts, or anything. It was freeing!

Then my mom offered to take the girls overnight Saturday. Sweet! We had a night out at a nice restaurant and were able to chat and flirt and have fun. It was so cool... then we pretty much crashed when we got home. Chef Hubby had to go to work the next morning and I was going to spend the day with the girls and my mom. But, unexpectedly, the week before.... I found the "perfect" card, so I had to get it! Wanna see...

I love how we continue to
learn from each other...
grow with each other...
challenge each other
to be the best person
we are meant to become.

I don't know about you, but that's us :o)

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