Saturday, December 29, 2012

Holiday flash

Wow! I can't believe it's been months since I've posted anything... Sorry!

We survived Christmas, but somehow forgot to take any pics this year. NONE!

I can't believe how much stuff has happened since my last post.

I've survived the first few months as a co-leader for the Daisy troop! The parents in my troop are awesome and I wouldnt be able to manage without Carolyn, the other co-leader. She's very crafty and was a leader last year, so she has experience and enthusiasm.

I haven't posted much about myself on this blog, but I've had one hell of time over the past 4 months or so. At the end of August I was in significant pain with my back. I started on some serious meds with no improvement. Actually, there was a little improvement until I covered a football game, then I lost sensation and motor function of my lower leg and foot.

Basically, I was limping around pretending that I was ok, until I noticed a visible deficit in girth (the muscle in my lower leg was shrinking "atrophying" because it wasn't being stimulated by the nerve, because the nerve was being compressed, because I severely herniated a disc... Phew!

So, I had surgery in the beginning of October. I was able to return to kenpo the very end of November AND I started to help coaching winter track. It's cool because I'm only helping which allows me to go to appointments and not feel guilty if there's a day I can't make it.

I'm back at kenpo, almost full. I have to wear an ankle brace because of the loss of function, strength, and i still have nerve tension. That means that without the brace, when I kick, my foot gets the same feeling you get when you hit your funny bone... NOT COOL! But no pain with the brace, so I'll be using that for a while :)

We also just adopted a 3yr old American Lab, named Cuttyhunk... Cutty for short. She's awesome. Rebel is finally warming up to her :) I gotta tell ya, though. I really am dreaming of a single family home where we can let her run in the yard and give her access through a doggy door. It's a dream I hope we can make come sooner than later!

Speaking of having more room... We are preparing for our annual Open House and I've been baking for a couple of days now. I'm looking forward to it. I will be posting pics of the goodies and links to recipes :)

Hope you all have a happy safe holiday!!

Oh, if you want to read more about my workout antics and the struggles over the past few months  check out the other blog...