Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Holiday Cooking

I don't know about anyone else, but my hubby and I love love love the holidays!! Actually, my hubby will be cooking Thanksgiving for my family this year. I get out of all the cooking and cleaning stuff that day because I get to stand in the cold, on the side of the football field, hoping that no one gets hurt so that I don't have to actually work!!! Keep your fingers crossed for me! Thank goodness for Mom though, because while I'm working and Chef Hubby is cooking, she'll be dressing and monitoring the kids. It's a great little setup.

Then that weekend my mom and I get both houses all glammed out for christmas! Follow that a week later with a HUGE holiday party complete with food, drinks, and great company... did I mention we have a two tenament house? My mom lives downstairs so we open both houses and let people roam... fun! Then we finish up before Christmas with a cookie swap, the following weekend.

I've actually started decorating little books I got at Target. I figure that I will give one to each person who comes with all the recipes, and a few extras that will be served at the parties. Phew... wish me luck!! Keeping watching for some of those recipes!! I start posting some of them!

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