Wednesday, November 5, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance!!

This was the Ballywood dance... I think I spelled that correctly, if not, you know what I mean!!

Yes, I am a total geek, but I absolutely love this show!!! So much, in fact, that my loving hubby bought me tickets for their tour. He even bought two extra tickets so that I could have a friend come (of course, she brought her hubby to keep my hubby company too... hehe)

Well, not only did he get me tickets and let me bring my buddy, but he went on the website and blog and found out that they sign autographs at the end of the show... SWEET!! So after an hour and a half waiting in the cold... once again... Sorry Brian and Jenny!! I got to meet them all! BUT most importantly, I got to say "hi" to Twitch. He's been my favorite since he tried out for the show last season.

He's really down to earth and super cool. I know I sound like I'm about 16 yrs old right now, but oh well!! I actually searched and found the t-shirt he wears all of the time, but I'm struggling with spending 20 bucks on a t-shirt. It's cool though... it has a big "T" in the superman emblem on the front, because he likes to fight villians... lmao!!
Here he is... Twitch!!!

I'm really bummed though because I cropped out two other dancers and then saved the pic under a new name... so I thought! I actually somehow managed to delete the other pic so no more pic with Gev and Jessica.

Anyway, that was the start of my week last week! It was sooo much fun!!

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