Friday, January 2, 2009

Goodbye, Memere...

Last night I got a call while shopping with my mom. It was Henry (Chef Hubby) calling to ask me to come home immediately. Earlier in the day we had gotten a call saying that his grandmother was diagnosed with pneumonia and wasn't eating well. She's been in the nursing home for about 2 1/2 yrs and has always been as strong as a horse. It seemed to be another hump to get past. Until about 4 hrs later, when the phone rang again. Unfortunately, she was gone.

I met Memere when we first started dating, about 8 yrs ago. She was the type of person who told you how it was. She was strong, giving, honest, and very protective of her family, especially, Henry. He had lost his mom when he was only 10 and was practically raised by his grandparents. She made him the man is today.

We took care of her for about 6 yrs before she was unable to live alone. She was diagnosed with alzheimers and was legally blind, but ultimately it came down to a fall. It was heartbreaking for Henry to have to place her in the home; he felt as though he were betraying her. She always said that she never wanted to go and prayed everynight for the Lord to take her home.

I don't have the written skills that my husband has, and this may seem choppy, but I just wanted to honor a woman that gave me the greatest blessing in my life.

Thank you Memere for everything. Thank you for giving me a caring, generous, loving, hardworking, absolutely amazing man! I never knew the true Claire Norcross, but I know that were the most important person in Henry's life. I know that you are the reason he holds himself to such high standards and doesn't let anything stop him from doing anything. You gave him the backing to always go for what he wants and never be afraid to fail. You believed in him and loved him and I can only hope that we are able to leave as large an impression on our children.

You are now with your husband, daughter, parents, brothers and sisters. You are finally at peace. You will be missed deeply. We love you, Memere.

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