Thursday, April 16, 2009

Dusting Off the Sandwich Maker...

So today I was chatting with a friend about the phases ours kids go through and remembered that I have a sandwich maker from Phoebe's "muffin phase". This kid wanted muffins ALL the time!! It was insane! So I bought a sandwich maker so that we could make muffins in 5 mins. Well, that was just the beginning...

We originally started making the Jiffy Mix muffins, then when she had a hot dog phase, I made some corn dogs using the corn muffin mix and cut up a hot dog and dropped it in. It was a super easy, no dip, no stick, corn dog!!

You can also have the kids help make triangle fried eggs... even omelets! Seriously, does it get any better for a little kid than to be able to make themselves muffins and an omelet for breakfast? Or you can make grilled cheese, with the crusts sealed like the encrustables.

I'm sure there are tons more options out there, if you really put your mind to it! I don't know about you, but I think I might be pulling the old sandwich maker out for breakfast tomorrow. I'm sure that Phoebe is going to asking for this every morning, after she starts making herself goodies :o)

Actually, I might try making some brownies or "sandwich-cakes" in it tonight, to see if it works. They should all come out with the crusts that everyone loves, in little triangles, that all kids eat, and probably super moist... I'll let you know :o)

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