Sunday, December 13, 2009

Great Day!

So yesterday I was able to spend some time with some friends and family to celebrate the holidays with a good old fashioned cookie swap!! It was sooo much fun... at least I hope it was for everyone, cuz I had an awesome time!

I found an awesome website that has a TON of games you can print out... Christmas Games A to Z. You have to actually subscribe, but for $19.95 I had access to at least 50 holiday games... quizzes, puzzles, BINGO... you name it! They even have the answer keys - very important!

We did the games and had prizes, but we also had an old fashioned Yankee Swap. I don't know about you, but I actually included the rules in the invitation so that people knew what they were in for. Apparently, there are many versions of the game and many are EXTREMELY cut throat. I don't think that's very appropriate during the season of "good will". Anyway, we did the games, the swap, the food... oh yummy food!!

Finally, we divided the cookies... mmm mmm mmm! I forgot to take a picture of the tablescape with all of the batches of cookies, but trust me when I say they all looked great!! They tasted even yummier too!!

Happy Holidays Everyone... and maybe with the help of the economy more people will be settling in with the old traditions of visiting, playing games, and potlucking it! One can only hope, right?!?

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