Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Baptism

So we were able to get the kiddos Baptized today :)

The church was warm and the kids had a bunch of friends and family surrounding them... so they were less than behaved, of course! Isn't that always the way?? Dress them up, take them out, and they go INSANE... but I love them :)

After the mass, we moved up to the front and gathered near the baptism "area". Laurie and my brother, Donald are Payton's godparents and Mary and Kevin are Phoebe's godparents. My Brother and Sister in Law were unable to attend, but they were definitely in our hearts as they are now even closer to the girls in this bond.

The girls are in Catholic school and understand that baptism is when you accept God into your life and become "one of his children". Also, thankfully, they have been absolved of all their sins. phew! 

Payton was thrilled about this baptism thing until Henry picked her up... actually, she was OK..

Until he went to pour the water on her... then she took a minute and settled in...

Phoebe was big enough not to have to be picked up...

I was so proud of my kiddos!! I love them so much and know that we are on the right path for our family. We have amazing friends, family, and teachers... both of the girls asked to invite their teachers for this event and they were both able to attend. YAY!

I looked into the Catholic schools in the area and picked Holy Family-Holy Name for so many reasons. For the most part, it seemed the most "kid-friendly", but I was sold when we went for the tour and the teachers welcomed my girls with open arms, and even hugs!  HUGS! yes... these teachers legitimately care about the students... and the parents. OK, OK... moving on... Here are some other shots

Is there a reason these candles need to be 8ft tall???

I think they looked like little angels in their dresses :) It was a great day with great people and amazing food - of course! Crashing on the couch now... so needed.

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