Friday, July 29, 2011

Very Busy...

I apologize to the few people still reading, about not posting anything in a LONG time!! We've been very, very busy lately and I promise I will try to post about it all very soon :)

Today, I'm home with the kiddos and their friends... baking!

OK - I'm baking. They are playing relatively quiet in the playroom.

We've already discussed that there will be quiet time later. Naptime for the younger ones and reading time for the older ones. They all agreed (for the most part).

Payton begged for a tea party and since it's one of the things on our summer list, I've decided we might just need to do it for lunch. Wish me luck! Now I have to look up tea party menus for stuff they will actually eat!

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Marijanna and Shaun said...

Enjoy your tea party? So much fun for little girls!