Tuesday, August 23, 2011


A lot of people talk about reading.

I was in a bookclub - that I actually started! But it was soooo tough for me to sit down and read.

I didn't even finish the book I chose!!

So yeah, thankfully, my kiddos love reading :)

Anyway, we've been going to church and praying and talking a lot more about religion, the church, where we fit it... all that stuff. I'm still debating the whole conversion to "Catholic" from the Episcopal Church. It's actually a silly debate I have in my head.

To be honest, I think that most of my beliefs are Catholic, but I remember the comfort of the smaller Episcopal Church. As I had stated previously, my grandmother taught us catechism at home for many, many years between making first communion and joining St. Peter's. I remember reading her book of "moral" stories, directed towards kids that always ended with a bible verse encompassing the meaning of the lesson,etc.

I also remember that every time she came, she brought Ring Dings!! wooo hooo!!

Anyway, I've drifted WAY off track... I remember having confirmation classes at St. Peter's and constantly being corrected on my beliefs. Apparently, even when I didn't think I was paying attention, it was sinking in. So, since these beliefs are ingrained in me, the answer should be easy, right???


I started reading Catholic Answers and Catholics Come Home based on a friends advice and well, I freaked out!

I am the perfect little parishioner in the Episcopal Church, but if I convert to Holy Name, I'm doomed to hell by a mortal sin. How is that far??

So, I stopped reading those sites and decided to open the Bible.

OH my GOODNESS!!! How the heck does anyone get through that?!?!

I'm sorry, I tried to pick it up and read it... I tried. And to be honest, I even cheated a little. My grandmother actually gave me a copy of the Good News Bible. It's written in "today's language" so it's supposed to be easier to comprehend.

ummm.... yeah.

I understand the words, but the stories are pretty overwhelming. So I talked to Henry and asked him what he thought. He showed me that many people pick up the bible and turn to page each day and read from there. Wow, that's cool!

So I started doing that. I started reading random passages each day and it seems better. I feel like I'm getting something out of it. I have a question though... Is this cheating?? Am I playing the "magic 8 ball" with the bible?

Does anyone have any other tips? And, are mortal sins forgiven if you really are sorry, while at the same time, standing behind your decision??

This is definitely one time that ignorance is bliss!!!

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