Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Final Run!!

Tomorrow is Labor Day... marking the 99th day of the Summer 2011 Run Challenge! We only have 3.8 miles to go.

We WORKED hard for this!!

We overcame sooo much.

We survived 2 surgeries, multiple injuries, sick kids, WAY too hot days, vacations, and well, just a couple days of just pure laziness.

Our mileage per run ranged from 1.6miles - just a little over 7!

We honestly didn't know we were as strong as we actually are. We amazed ourselves more than once. We finished strong on days that we didn't think we could move.

Mostly, we proved to ourselves that we could do it :)

AND... we raised money for the Shepherd's Pantry while doing it!! woohoo!!

It's not too late to help though. Feel free to sponsor us by clicking the "Donate" button on the side bar. Every little bit helps!

Next summer we will be doing this again and we're hoping that more people will join us :)

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