Sunday, September 18, 2011


I have 2 little girls, as most of you already know.

These 2 little "princesses" are very different. Phoebe is the Drama Queen. She will NEVER be happy.

EVER! Seriously!!

I know. I'm tough on her. I need to start "supporting" her more. Chef Hubby keeps telling me that maybe the reason she doesn't listen is because I'm always nagging. Well, maybe I wouldn't be nagging so freaking much if she started acting like a nice human being... ugh!!

Yes, I am frustrated today.

Yesterday, we had to divide and conquer. We had purchased tickets to the Princesses on Ice: Dare to Dream show a while ago. Well, we had purchased them through a friend and I completely forgot about them. Then another friend was planning a birthday and I assured her that we would be there. Of course!

Well, Wednesday Chef Hubby and I were watching tv and I saw a commercial for the show and freaked out! I totally messed up and needed to fix it. Fortunately, we have other friends :) Phew! So I asked if one of Payton's friends and her Dad wanted to go with Chef Hubby and Payton while Phoebe and I went to a "Tea Party".

While at the party, I got a text from Chef Hubby telling me that Payton said "Daddy, I really wish Phoebe was here. She'd like it".

Phoebe was having a blast with her friends and to be honest, even though she was having fun, was still REALLY upset that she didn't get to go to the Princess Show AND the Tea Party! Yeah...

OK - fast forward to when we got home...

Phoebe walks in the door and Payton runs over: "Phoebe, here this is for you!". Handing her a princess crown.

Phoebe turns around and gives her a pile of "stuff" from the Tea Party that was sent home for her, while saying "Oh, and you didn't get a fan because yours' was broken".

I watched a little disappointed and then a little sad when I asked Payton "Where is your crown?" and she replied "I gave it to Phoebe because she didn't get to go".

Please tell me that this is going to get better!! Please tell me that Payton will always be this way and that someday, Phoebe will realize there is more to life that "stuff". I don't know... I guess I'm just bummed. Did I drop the ball somewhere?? Did I get them too much stuff growing up? How do I fix this??

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