Saturday, September 17, 2011


I know, I've been cryptic for a while, but I couldn't jinx it.

OK - to be honest, I couldn't tell everyone about it and then not get it.

I'm kind of pathetic like that.

Anyway, last year (March to be exact) I submitted an application at Greater New Bedford Voc Tech for a Physical Education Teacher and then never heard anything, at all about it. Well, until the 3rd week of August. I finally "Got a call" and was asked to come in for an interview.

Of course, nothing can be easy because the interview had to be set up for the very first day of Pre-Season! ugh.

Well, I still hadn't heard anything after the 1st day of school started so I figured I should start checking the mail. So, like any other day, on Tuesday, August 30th, I headed out for a run without my phone. Who the heck's gonna call, right??

I came back to 11 missed calls! Wow - all within an hour! I was offered the job BUT because hubby works for the school already and they have a nepotism rule, I needed approval from the school committee. After subbing for myself for a week, I was APPROVED! Then, I handed in my resignation at FHS.

Now, I am still subbing for myself because I have to leave as soon as the last class lets our to run over to Fairhaven and take care of my kids. Man, I am seriously going to miss them :( It's a little over 2wks left for me to juggle to 2 jobs, 2 kids, the hubby, the kids, the dog, 3 hamsters, the house... oh, and the little thing known as the City Coucilor Campaign! I can't wait!!

Then and only then I will be celebrating my new position!!!! woohoo!!!

Wish me luck :)

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