Sunday, September 11, 2011

Fill the Pantry Challenge... Again!

Today is a very special day for America. It represents a time that we came together as a country and shouted to the world that we are united and we get stronger when confronted. We fight to protect each other. United we stand, right?!

Well, I've always believed that you need to care for your family, your neighbor, your community before you try to help the more global charities. You need to keep your base strong, healthy, happy, and united. So I am reissuing the Fill the Pantry Challenge.

It costs only as much as you are willing/able to spend. Very basically, you can keep a box in your pantry, kitchen, hallway, whatever. Each time you go to the grocery store pick up one or two items to put in it. Or you can start a Fill the Pantry fund and put a dollar or two in it each week. Then pick a local charity, food bank, shelter to donate the goods or money.

The most important part is that you are making a commitment to help... and if you have children, you make them take an active role. I used to have my kiddos pick the items. I have to admit, even we got out of the habit of doing this for a while. BUT - we are breaking out the box again!

So help us unite again to make our community stronger! When people work together, talk together, get along it creates a safer, healthier, stronger environment... that YOU helped build :)

My prayers go out to the families and friends of the victims and heros of 9/11. I will ALWAYS remember!!

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