Monday, December 12, 2011

The Season of Giving Part 2

Christmas this year is going to be much smaller at our house.

I told Henry that I don't need anything.

I told the kiddos that Santa's cutting back.

I skipped out on the family gift swap.

BUT... what we did do is sponsor some students.

Now, the school has a Holiday Helper's program that makes sure that the families who are struggling and the many homeless students enrolled, are able to have at least a little Christmas. Chef Hubby and I are both working at the same school and both emailed each other the blast to see if the other was interested. It was actually a little silly.

So I called the office and stated that we would sponsor a student. I was psyched! That meant I got to go shopping and find deals and totally make someone's Christmas, who otherwise wouldn't have one.

A few days later, I went to her office to get my assigned student, I found out that she had mistakenly given us a very small family. So we took it and then volunteered to take the student as well.

Can I just say the sales that I've been finding are ridiculous!! We've been able to fill their wishlists, including winter coats and infant snowsuits for an average of 30% of the price.

Then we went to church and they had a giving tree. There we were able to give games to a Veteran's Home. The kids classes are taking donations for the Lion's Club and Ronald McDonald House... and who can forget Gifts to Give??

We are so very blessed right now to have so much...
Our health
Stable jobs
Absolutely amazing friends
Loving relationships
A safe, warm roof over our heads
Cars to transport us... and carpool for school
Enough money to pay our bills
Children who are starting to see that it is important to give back :)

My job is settling in.
I've definitely turned a corner.

Things are going to be ok...

and I know that I can do absolutely anything with the support and love of my family and friends!!!

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Marijanna and Shaun said...

You have such an amazing an generous heart, Tee! I've always been amazed by you.