Friday, November 25, 2011

Starting to Feel Better

Yesterday was a lazy day for me and the family.

My mom had the entire family over for dinner... downstairs on the first floor.

We had dinner at our house on the second floor.

We weren't trying to be anti-social. We just wanted to take the chance to have our own tradition of Thanksgiving Day. I usually work the football games and well, as my last post said, I'm not an Athletic Trainer anymore, so I was home. Me and the girls watched the parade while Henry cooked dinner. He made breakfast too... hehe. Yes, I'm spoiled.

So the girls and I sat on the couch and watched the parade. I sorted through the fliers and created a game plan for Black Friday. We even ate dinner in our pjs :) It was awesome!

Then we went downstairs with our pies (after we got dressed) and joined the rest of the family for the afternoon. It was the best of both worlds. I even got to sneak back up to take a nap.

Told you I was spoiled!!

My mom let the kids sleep downstairs so hubby and I could go out this morning and grab some serious deals. I couldn't believe how well we did!

*** Doing the happy Dance *** 

We wanted to run out of Kohl's before they figured out they practically gave us the stuff to take home! Now, I have to wrap and ship out some gifts to my niece and nephew (I love saying that... lol) I just wish we were there to watch them open the packages. Hoping to be able to do that soon, maybe next year ;)  

Anyway, now I'm putting up the tree, listening to Christmas music, and maybe even baking some goodies. Still feeling a little off, but I think it might have been the whole missing the game yesterday and still trying to find my "thing". I have some ideas to roll with at school to get the kids more involved, but we'll have to see. 

OK - Merry Christmas everyone! And just remember... it's not what you get, but instead, what you give. It doesn't have to expensive or shiny. It can be as simple as a card, or a thank you, or even a smile. In this crazy time of year there are a lot of people struggling and the little things are what really matter. 

So, I wish you all enough...

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Marijanna and Shaun said...

Aren't relaxing holidays the best!?