Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Chef of the Year Dinner

Have I mentioned that my husband is a chef? It's a great thing when it comes to food... hehe. We were invited to go the American Culinary Federation Chef of the Year Dinner this weekend. Well, with a room full of chefs you can guarantee that the food is going to be beyond amazing!

We had the best food ever!!! Now, I have a little disclaimer... I didn't take a picture of every course because I ate them before I thought about it. Also, the pictures were taken with my phone, so they aren't perfect, but I promise... they were awesome!!!

This was the salad... yes, yummy!

 This was dessert...

BUT... as all chefs know, presentation is the key since people eat with their eyes first.

      Well, I had to laugh out loud when the 3rd entree came out.
           Yes, the 3rd!
                The first was a seared Bay Scallop.
                     The second was an amazing Duck 2 ways dish. I don't even like duck and I inhaled it!!

As I was saying... presentation is key! So when the server placed my plate down I laughed out loud and showed my husband! Then I quickly commented on Laura's blog because I KNEW she'd totally appreciate this... I mean SERIOUSLY!!!

   Just look at the meat... well, then I noticed the potatoes... do you see it?? 

OK, maybe I'm just sick!
Or, I could just need a night without kids... 
Uh huh... dirty minds have fun with that! An entire room of chefs were chowing down on some vagina shaped short ribs!! lmao

Yup, I'm sick.

Hope you had a good laugh :)

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