Sunday, June 3, 2012

It's been FOREVER since I've last posted, but I have a really good excuse... I've been VERY busy!

I'm not making it up...

This year I started a new job, remember? Now, I'm a Physical Education Instructor at the regional high school in my area. I've settled into it and I'm having fun.

Then in March I was told that there was a Track Coach position open. I was told that I should apply and had an excellent chance of getting job, I just needed to make the decision by the next day... lol

Anyway, I talked to the hubby since we have the kids and I'd been picking them up after school. He also works at the high school and he's a Kitchen Manager for an area bar (but it has really good food... hehe) AND he's a city councilor.  So I can't just go messing up our juggling act without a serious consult.

Have I ever mentioned how amazing my husband is? Well, if not... he's pretty amazing! He didn't even blink. He told me, "Babe, this is what you've been talking about since I met you. You should do it. Everything will work out. We always figure out a way."

So, I applied and "poof" and I got the job.

The season was awesome!! More than I could have hoped. I loved being a coach. I told them that I will put in as much time and energy as they do, and they worked hard people :)

Also, this year Phoebe is doing girl scouts (and loving it) and both the girls started soccer. I felt that it's time to get them involved. While I was an Athletic Trainer, we never had the time and I always held a lot of guilt that they were missing out. Now, they have "things" they play... I feel better.

My last BIG excuse was that I was once again, the Committee Chairperson for the HFHN Get Fit Health Fair.  It was awesome this year!! After all the hard work, time and energy. I really think that the people enjoyed it to the max!! Vendors and parents were incredibly happy with what we had pulled together and I was really excited about that :)

I am going to try to be more of presence again, but we have the summer off and lots of things to accomplish! Keep checking in though... I think we're going to have lots of fun :)

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