Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Not so bad brownies... hmmm

So Chef Hubby heard of brownies made with Black beans instead of the oil and egg and wanted to try it. I was a more than a little hesistant because of Elizabeth's experience, but then found out that she had used a different type of bean. Anyway, he made them... I tried them... and man oh man, you can't even tell!!

I even had my mom try them, but didn't tell her they were made with the beans until after she fell in love with them. She couldn't believe it!! OK so the general jist of this post is... Try the black bean brownies!! They rock! lol.


Jessica said...

I keep hearing about the black bean brownies....I have to say I has hesitant at first, but now I think I am ready enough to bake away!

-Tee- said...

oh you so should... I was just eating one... hehe!! They rock!