Friday, October 10, 2008

The Renaissance Faire!

Ok, so I never ever have pics of myself, but today is an exception... Today is the renaissance faire and I think I look pretty cute! This is actually my best friends Maid of Honor dress from my wedding. We had a medieval wedding and trust me, it looked amazing! My grandmother and my mom made all of the dresses, including my wedding dress. I am actually going to be calling the photographer soon to find out if he has the pics on disc that we can buy, or I'm going to have to scan some to show off!!

This is me and Phoebe in our backyard before heading to the faire. Payton was supposed to be in the pic which is why I'm yelling... hehe!

Chef Hubby (AKA... King Henry) does role playing and this is one of his outfits. Don't we look like the royal family?! OK, except for the chainlink fence behind us.

The faire is an amazing place! This is what you see as soon as you start walking in. How can you not want to run in and play?! All of those windows on the bottom are actually where you pay, then you enter through the gate. It's really an amazing scene.

And this is the end of the day. The kids were screaming, my feet were starting to get tired, but hubby thought I still looked pretty cute... lmao. Hope you enjoyed our little adventure!


elizabeth said...

GORGEOUS! I can't believe we never found eachother.

-Tee- said...

Seriously!! We ran into P and H though... lol

Kayce said...

What great costumes! You look fabulous!