Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I don't know about you, but I have a ridiculous amount of projects that I need or want to get done. I decided that I need to make a list. Mind you, these are in no specific order and some seem pretty silly, but hey... gotta get done, right?

To Do List:
1. Paint and glaze bathroom ceiling
2. Finish the molding in the bathroom
3. Hang the ceiling fan in the bedroom
4. Drywall living room ceiling
5. Drywall Playroom ceiling
6. Declutter the house!!! Wasn't sure if this should be crossed off, but since I've been making such an effort, I'm doing it damn it :)
7. Finish dipping all of the truffle batter in the fridge - and give it away :)
8. Start working out  Started doing some stuff... but got back to WW last week! Down 2lbs already :)
9. Go through all of the kids clothes to figure out what fits
10. Find a second job (third of being a mommy/wife actually counts) Working on this one right now, actually
11. Strip wallpaper in the attic
12. Paint the walls in the attic
13. Scrape the garage doors and frame
14. Paint the garage doors and frame
15. Paint the front porch (after repairing a few spots)
16. Refinish the glider on the front porch
17. Stain the stairs and railing (upstairs porch and back steps)
18. Prepare the garden... can't wait for warm enough weather
19. Start training for my 5ks
20. Continue with the Health Fair Committee and Dance Committee
21. Replace the ceiling light in the kitchen
22. Finish painting back hallway
23. Strip wallpaper in the front hallway
24. Paint front hallway
25. Replace ceiling lights in the front hallway
26... start thinking about what to do with the sunroom... yeah  I have soooo many ideas for this!! Actually I saw some clearance cabinets at Lowe's and if I didn't think my husband would kill me, I would have bought 3 or 4 of them. It would make the PERFECT crafting area with room enough for me AND the girls :) hehe. oh well, I can dream at least, right??

I think those are the biggest ones for now. I'm sure if I read it later today I'll have more to add, but at this point, it seems I will be VERY busy for a while :)

*** Updates - So decided the ones in green need to wait til the weather actually warms up a little more. I'm a cold weather wimp! But I started on some of the other stuff and I'm pretty excited. Debating on changing out the ceiling fan in the kitchen today while no one is around to avoid any fights, but think that I might start decluttering the sunroom. It's amazing BTW how much stuff is actually in our house!! I mean, you look around and it doesn't seem like that much, and then you inside stuff and there are TONS of things! OK - going to be productive now :) 


Laura said...

so....what have you gotten done so far??? :-)

-Tee- said...

hmmm... other stuff!! lol