Thursday, March 17, 2011

Feeling Calm

Any of you who actually know me, know that calm for me probably isn't what you might picture. It's not the breeze blowing while you're on the beach basking in the sun listening to the music. It's more of party (at least in my head). It's when I have a million projects going on, but they are all moving in the right direction. It's when I don't feel crazy if Chef Hubby tells me he has to stay at work late.

I have a pretty full plate lately...
Heading the Health Fair Committee for the kids' school
Helping run the campaign for city council for my husband
On the Dance Committee at the kids' school
Potential shift in career
Household issues - plumber has been here more than once in the past week :(
Trying to declutter/organize/complete unfinished projects - last post

But for some reason I'm not stressed out. I mean, I'm scattered and struggling to keep things organized and dates in line, but I'm happy. I can't remember when my husband and I have been closer. The kids are getting older and easier - not the attitudes or the strong wills, but they can get themselves dressed. They can feed themselves, and I have to mention - they go to bed at 7pm! Yes, that makes for a very happy mommy.

I turned off the heat and opened some windows today to air it out a little. I started going through closets and cabinets and bins and I have a HUGE pile of stuff to donate. I have paint and tiles and fans and almost everything I need to finish my list of projects and I have friends that I can call when I need a night out!

As sad as it might sound, I've never really had a "friends". I mean I've had my handful of ladies (3- that's it - sad, huh) that I hung out with and chatted but when I had kids I started getting closer to even them. Since the kids started school last year, my group has been growing and my handful has turned into a group. Instead of having my 3 close friends, I now have an entire support system. It's amazing how calming that is.

I'm going to get some stuff done now and I think I'm going to call some of those lovely ladies to see if someone wants to joint us for a playdate after school. I love playdates - the kids play and I get to relax and chat and enjoy the fact that things are just as they should be :)

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