Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Adding to my list...

Am I the only one who will NEVER complete a "to do" list??

A little while back I posted a list of things that I need to do or finish. Well, since then I added a couple of things. I have been trying to figure out what to do with the sunroom AGAIN! Yes, I did reorganize that space a few years back and it's better, but still not "right".

The girls are getting bigger and they want to do crafts with me. Heck, they want to do crafts withOUT me!! lol So, the other day I was checking out Craigslist and I found a countertop - FREE!! It would have been perfect for those cabinets I missed out on the other day at Lowe's but, I'm not getting down on that... I'll secure it somehow. It's an L-shaped laminate countertop that's 4ft long on one end and probably about 8ft long in the other direction. Can you say PERFECT??? I can :) So I called Chef Hubby and begged him to pick it up. (He was at a meeting and it was about 8:30pm already - Have I mentioned lately how lucky I am to have that guy??) 

So, he brought it home - all 80-100lbs of it! lol. It's huge :)  Can't wait to set that up. Oh, and I mentioned my Lowe's trip... yeah, well, I figured that the cabinets were gone so I'd look around a little. Am I the only person who also LOVES to "just browse" at Lowe's? OK, well, it didn't end with browsing or my list wouldn't have grown, right?? wow... that was a lot of commas! lmao

Anyway, I a spot over my sink in the kitchen that NEEDS tile. It's seriously screaming for it. At least it would be if it could scream. I have an old double basin cast iron porcelain sink that's 3 feet wide. It would be perfect if it wasn't for the very old - VERY low countertops we have it. Anyway, behind the sink is currently wallpaper that is pulling up :( We put this wallpaper up about 7 or 8yrs ago and didn't even prime the walls first. It has to go. So i was "just browsing" the tile isle when I saw the coolest charcoal colored 1x1inch tile. Then I grabbed some pewter accessory tiles and the Tile Kit! 

It was close to browsing... the whole project cost me less than $50! I know, I know... it's not done yet BUT I want to do it NOW! I also have the... wait for it... PERFECT wallpaper to redo the room in. I swear I will post pics soon, but try to picture it... we have red laminate counter tops that are a whopping 17" deep, gray cabinets and chrome accents. The big porcelain white sink and a black stove. Did I mention it's a galley kitchen, so the fridge is actually in the dining room and the microwave... down the hall in the SUNROOM!! lol.

Ok, so there's a LOT of work to do! Well, there was a LOT of work to do on top of these new projects, but I'm excited... hehe. I have 2 projects almost done. My dad (my savior) finished sealing the chair that we refinished for my cousin and the Father Daughter Dance is next weekend. I have to make a BUNCH of mini cupcakes for that, but I can whip those out in a couple of hours - no problem! 

Do me a favor and say a prayer or two. Tell me what songs get you motivated (trying to create a new playlist) or tell me what projects you're working on. I PROMISE to post pics next time!! I swear :)  

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