Saturday, June 18, 2011

Summer Has Begun... The Planning Stage :)

Summer has officially begun and we survived our first full day playdate. Actually, the mom's decided that the playdate wasn't really over after the movies and met up in Claire's for a little shopping with the girls. My kiddos ended up with 11 more headbands... mostly for dress-up, but some are really cute. How could I resist? They were 10 for $10!!

We came home, ate, and the mommies all headed to the meeting at the school, for the Suessical Jr musical production they will be doing next fall. Tryouts were this past week and although Phoebe didn't really practice very much, her best friend kicked some serious butt and scored the understudy role of one of the leads... YAY, Hadleigh!!

Anyway, after hanging out there chatting, we decided that maybe a drink would be nice. So I headed to liquor store, stocked the bar and had hubby mix us some drinks. OK, so we were all done after one drink and then they couldn't leave, because in order to safely drive the kids home, there needed to be a little rest period. hehe

Well, it's now 9am the next morning and I think that one of the kids FINALLY woke up!! They never ever EVER sleep this late. Especially, on a day that I can sleep late too. But the dog decided that I still couldn't sleep and woke me up at 8am. Oh well.

We've been working on our Summer List like Meg and Laura and I think we have a pretty good start at this point. Not sure if we will be able to complete it all, but I can hope :)

The Summer List 2011
  1. Blueberry Picking
  2. Spend a night in a hotel
  3. Visit the Boston Science Museum
  4. Make a Lemonade Stand
  5. Library Trips
  6. Go Camping - we are staying in a tent (a HUGE tent!) for an entire week this summer :)
  7. Teach the kiddos how to ride their bikes
  8. Water Balloon Fight
  9. Watch the New Bedford Bay Sox play - I have to be medical coverage for a few games, but I want to bring the kids to at least one other one
  10. Hike some trails
  11. Go the the Freetown Water Park
  12. Make ice cream
  13. Go to a Drive-In Movie - with the kids!!
  14. Fishing
  15. Watch Fireworks
  16. Have a Bake Sale
  17. Play Mini Golf
  18. Go to Storytime
  19. Go to a Fair
  20. Have a Tea Party
  21. Have a picnic at the beach/park
  22. FINALLY - Get a Family Portrait!!! We've never had one :(
That's it for now. I'm excited. I know it doesn't seem that thrilling, but for me, it's huge!! I took the summer off to be with my family and I want to make the most of it. I can NOT wait!!

Bring it on Summer!!

Addition of Potentially Weekly Events:
  1. Pool Tuesday!
  2. Treat Tuesday - yes, Phoebe saw this on Meg's list and wouldn't drop it... lmao 
  3. Pool at Aunt Sue's Fridays :)
  4. Slumber Party in the Sunroom

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