Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Man, oh man...

So, I'm officially "recovering" from surgery. Gallbladder is gone!

The stupid part is that the area that is killing me the most, wasn't even touched!! I am having pretty severe pain in my shoulder. Now, the nurse told me yesterday, not to be surprised if I have pain in my shoulder. She said that the increased pressure on my diaphragm can cause referred pain to the shoulder. No problem, right? Well, it is a problem! I don't like pain in my shoulder :(

I can handle the pain in my abdomen... you know, where the freaking surgery took place!

I can't deal with the stabbing pain in my shoulder for no apparent reason. It doesn't hurt when I move it and not hurt if I'm just sitting there, like an injury pain should feel. NO! It just decides to hurt whenever the hell it wants to!

Oh, I'm also not a very good medicine taker. I never take medicine. I may occasionally take 600 mg of ibuprofen for a headache or an allergy tablet when my eyes feel like they are going to fall out of my head, but I don't take anything regularly. I can't even remember to take a multi-vitamin, so I gave them up.

But the doctor gave me the hard stuff. A narcotic painkiller. Doesn't that sound bad?? I started taking 1/2 a pill yesterday twice. Then 1 full tablet at bedtime... just in case. Today my shoulder started to hurt a LOT so I took 2. NOT good!!! Now, I have some pain in my shoulder AND I feel drugged. How do people like this feeling?!?

Oh well, going to take a cold shower, drink some coffee, eat something, and pray to God that this wears off soon! My baby girl graduates from Preschool 3 tonight and I would really like to enjoy it :)

Was going to write a post about her growing up, etc, but to be honest... not focused enough to look through pics and stuff. Check it out tomorrow though :) Should even have video!

Wish me luck... and check out the status of the 99/100 Summer 2011 Run Challenge


* elizabeth * said...

girl, you need to go put on your positivity bracelet, that is one angry post! LoL!

-Tee- said...

lmao... yeah... I was taking the meds!! all done now :) Will be posting later today!