Sunday, May 18, 2008

Growing Love

OK - I've told you about my dogs, so I figured that I would tell you about my bestfriend, my "Big guy" if you will (remember, Harley was my "little guy"). I have no idea what I would do without him. His name is Henry... Chef Henry if you are pretty much anyone else.. lol.

We actually met online... before it was cool. I was in VA at the time visiting some grad school buddies over the summer following graduation. He IMed me and stated that his arm hurt (because I'm an athletic trainer and fix that sort of stuff) I immediately thought he was an idiot and replied not to move it and cancelled it. The bugger kept at it though. After a while I decided to actually talk him and he was kind of cool.

I decided to meet him when I secured a "real job" by my definition at the time and had a week left at Dunkin Donuts. I figured if he was crazy, he'd never find me again!! Can you tell how trusting I am?!? After that meeting, I didn't want him to leave and I found out later, he felt the same way. He went out to his car and told his friend that he had just met the girl he was going to marry!! Isn't that so sweet?

So fast forward 15 months and we were married... and have been for almost 7yrs! It seems like we've been together forever and I choose not to even try to imagine life without him. We've had out share of problems and stresses and that isn't even counting the 4 dogs and 2 kids. We gone through 2 restaurants, a retail store, 5 yrs as an athletic trainer at the college level, and some stints at local restaurants before coming to current state of chaos. We are major advocates for marriage counselling and think that it should be a requirement... I refer to ours as our translator. My favorite concept is the "Perceived Reality" - it doesn't matter what or how something happens, it all depends on you perceive. Once you have that figured out, you may have a chance.

I sort of feel bad for him though - I am a total spaz... I've been working on home projects since we moved into our house (2wks before the wedding) and he's never complained. I've actually been working on the bathroom for about 2-3 yrs now.... oops! I'll share pics of the progress next time. I think that I'm finally making headway (I know - it's about time!)

Through everything though - he has supported me in every little thing I've ever wanted to do. We are a power team, but he is definitely the grounding force. He's my hero. He's the only reason I could make it through today and keep going. He's holding the pieces of my heart together and how could you not love that?

I think I just may be the luckiest girl in the world :o)

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elizabeth said...

Henry? The Henry I know?
Jus kidding, that almost made me cry.