Thursday, May 22, 2008

Hubby Down

Today my hubby had to get his wisdom teeth removed... poor baby :o( He does not like the dentist or anything that may cause him pain so this was exponential for him! The nurse that pre-registered him and gave him the information regarding the "procedure" scared the heck out him, so he refused to eat anything when he woke up today. Did I forget to mention that his appointment wasn't until 2:30pm!

She apparently told him that if he ate anything within 6hrs of the appointment, he could die... or at least that's what he heard. So he was afraid that if he ate breakfast or had his coffee, maybe it wouldn't be out of his system or something crazy... so he didn't eat anything since 6:30 last night. He's a better person then me - I would have been doing the math, getting up early, working out to make sure it was burned off - anything. I didn't have to lose 70 pounds because I don't like to eat!

So he survived. I brought him to the surgical center where he had to extractions and one "surgical procedure". Apparently, one was wrapped around the bone or something. Supposedly, it's not uncommon. He made it out fine. He slept in the car while I filled the prescription, and did a little shopping (did I mention I have a little shopping thing?) Yeah, even in CVS I can find stuff that I just "have to have".

Actually while I was there I even called a friend to let her know that they had the half tent she was looking for for the summer... lol. I think I might just have a problem!

He's been a trooper though. He took a nap when he got home and then he was sitting on the couch, keeping us company. Then I put Phoebe to bed and my trooper was passed out. Doesn't he look exhausted?

So tomorrow, I figure, I'll let him sleep in a little. I meet up with a few great friends and we walk the local park/zoo with all of the kids in tow. We are attempting to become better mommies inside and out... and trying like hell to have fun doing it!

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