Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Sunday Brunch

So Sunday brunch went well. We had a light showing. Usually we are crammed around the table with the kids playing in the other room, but this time we waited until the last minute to call people to come. Those who were in attendance raved about the food though... it was yummy!!

Henry didn't come up with anything spectacular, but the usual good stuff rocked! We had scrambled eggs, homefries, marinaded pork tenderloin, two kinds of chicken sausage (one was feta and spinach, and another was onion, red pepper and parmasen cheese) and regular or pepper crusted bacon... mmmmm.

BUT... my dish stole the show! I made Monkey Bread. For anyone who's never had, you have to make it (with lots of people though so you aren't the only one consuming mass amounts of calories and fat!!) I was going to get a pic, but we started to eat it and forgot all about the pics... sorry.

Here is the recipe... I had found a few on the web, but I modified them and this is what I created!

Monkey Bread

3 cans of refridgerated cinnamon rolls
3/4 cup granulated sugar
1 tsp ground cinnamon
1 stick butter
1/2 cup brown sugar
cooking spray

Grease a bunt pan well. Preheat your over to 350 degrees. Then open all of the cinnamon rolls and into 4-6 pieces (depends how big you want the bites). Mix the cinnamon and granulated sugar and roll the pieces in it. They don't have to be balls, they bake up all squeezed together anyway.

Stack all of the pieces into the bunt pan. Cut the butter into pieces and add the brown sugar. Microwave for 1min approximately. All the sugar should be melted into the butter. You may need to mix then zap for another 15 secs. Mix until completely combined then slowly pour over the goodness inside the pan, being sure to cover as much as you can.

Place in the oven for 45 mins. The top looks like it gets dried out, but once you flip it onto a plate all the sugars and syrups run down and coat it. It's fabulous... and very very hot initially! You may want to use a fork to take pieces off, at least initially. Enjoy!!!

We ended up spending most of the day lounging... ok, well Daddy mowed the lawn. The girls and I cleaned up and played. It was what a Sunday was supposed to be. We ended the day, by heading to the ice cream shop down the street. hmmm.... monkey bread and ice cream, I wonder how long I'm gonna have to walk to work that stuff off. I don't think I want to think about it.


elizabeth said...

Haha! We'll have to do the route around the horshoe twice tomorrow!

Jules said...

wow i definitely have to try monkey bread.i wonder what the aussie equivalent to cans of rolls would be.we dont have anything like that.
Love your blog thanks i will be back
Jules on swapbot

Corwink said...

After reading your post I am starving!! All that food sounds yummy. Cute blog.

KellyGirlKnits on swapbot

Anonymous said...

The Monkey Bread sounds lovely!!! I read this post earlier at work and tried to comment but my phone wasnt playing so kept deleting the whole of my comment :(

Cassandra said...

Mmm...all of that food sounds delicious!

-Tee- said...

Actually my grandmother used to make this recipe using a homemade biscuit recipe. The cans are about 8 serving each, so as long as you have a basic biscuit recipe that serves 24 you should be fine. I used the cinnamon rolls because I LOVE sweet!! Trust me though - you won't be missing out!