Saturday, May 24, 2008

Kids at Play and Sundays

Today we went yard saling and got a super cool Little Tikes Cottage House for the girls for only 10 bucks!! Hey you can't go wrong for that price. I have to clean it up before I can let them play with it, but I'll be sure to post some pics as soon as it's ready. We also were able to grab a flinstone type play car for only $3. We already have one, but with the two kids, having one of something usually means a fight.

Then we headed to a cookout at the ADs house. It was fun, a bunch of coaches and conveniently enough; a bunch of kids about the same age. It was great! They were all playing soo well... until Payton started eating sand in the horseshow pit (by the shovelful!! Can you say gross!!!) and then she got her first real bloody nose. The kids were playing with a Tarzan style swing and she was hit.... tough day!

So we headed home, gave her a nap and relaxed a little...

Fully rested we got ready to end the day. Daddy got to go out for a boy's night. They all went out to see "Ironman". Apparently, he a superhero or something "cool". I'm so glad that he has friends to watch those with... lol.

We headed over to a friends house to play (and chat). It was sooo much fun! The kids played, laughed, ate, and believe it or not, didn't fight! They didn't yell, scream, cry, hit, bite, or whine... for 4 hrs! I know that's gonna kick me in the butt tomorrow. You know that won't happen two days in row - right.

Well, tomorrow I'm going to try to finish up the molding in the bathroom and hopefully post some of the pics! First, we are having a bunch of friends over for breakfast. We have been trying to find a great breakfast place for Sundays, but keep falling short. We had a great place, with absolutely wonderful people, unfortunately, the food kept getting worse. Too bad :o( So now, we just invite a random selection of friends each week. It's almost like a lottery system.

Anyway, I never know what Henry's gonna come up with. If it's good, I'll post it! He made ratatouille once and it was amazing, but he can't remember the exact ingredients - darn chefs! Now I try to make him sit down and write things down immediately if I think it rocks. Keep watching for some of those winners!

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