Monday, May 19, 2008

Phoebe's TinkerBell Room

So Phoebe is 3 1/2 yrs old and we decided to move her into her own room about 5months ago, because the kids started waking each other up at night, after not letting each other fall asleep, and then getting up early. I couldn't take it anymore!! So we rearranged the living room in order to fit the computer armoire in it and turned the den into her room. I think it turned out pretty cute, huh?

I don't know if you've ever redone a room, but it can get costly!! My mom are I have pretty much redone her entire apartment (downstairs - very convenient... hehe) and have been working on mine for some time now. So fortunately, we have stock piled quite a bit of stuff... thank goodness! AND I found so many awesome deals!

That border was discontinued, so I got it half price. The bottom wallpaper is some that my mom had bought and never used, so it was free! I bought the paintable wallpaper and the purple paint, but we had all the primer, rollers and paste left over from other projects. The ice blue ceiling paint was leftover, so that was free. The sheets and comforter were on sale at K-Mart and the curtain was made using the flat sheet (I hate making beds so we never use the flat sheet)

The words I had bought some time ago when they were discontinued, and the Tinkerbell appliques were at lowe's on sale... hehe. This was so much fun.

The baker's rack was from my mom's kitchen before she moved here and it was in the basement for the past year... I thought it was a pretty cool tv stand, though, huh? The dresser was a hand-me-down from memere. I replaced the wall light for $15, all by myself... I was very proud. And the night light on the dresser, also Tinkerbell, was on sale online, then I got a discount code on top of that!! Oh and can't forget the hopscotch rug that you see on the floor - it was also on sale at Walmart.

This is my very favorite thing in the whole room though. It's a dragonfly clip made of copper. I bought about a year ago at a little craft fair at a church. Isn't it adorable?!? Well, I think that the room came out pretty cool, if I do say so myself. I'm not quite done with Payton's room or the bathroom, but I can't wait to show the progress. Hey, maybe it will give me some motivation to finish them, right?


elizabeth said...
check this out. it doesn't look all that difficult. just time consuming.

-Tee- said...

Yes - I actually printed that one out - I was so excited!! I brought it to my mother to show her the quilt I was going to make and she basically shattered my dreams. Apparently, it's very difficult to sew the curves and all the seams are visible. Oh well!!

Cassandra said...

Lucky girl! The room is beautiful.

Amanda said...

cute! i never got to have a theme room when i was little cause my mom always said i would grow out of it before it was time to change ive always been jealous of those who do