Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I want to apologize to the few people who read the blog... I've been neglecting it again. I know!! BUT, I have been updating my other one on a regular basis. I have a ton of pics to post and will do so, as soon as I get a chance. I promise!

As for why I've been such a slacker... I've been trying to focus on me and lose the weight that I gained over the holidays. I've also been cooking up a storm because a very dear friend finally had her baby! Yay!! OK... so I said finally, but he was actually born almost a week "early". But, man, he's sooo cute and adorable and perfect! Way to go JP!! So I cooked up a bunch of meals for her and hubby for when they get home from the hospital.

Also, just this morning I fixed my kitchen drawer, fixed my sprayer thingy on the sink, and tried to fix the faucet. It would have been done, but the guy at Lowe's told me that the nozzle fits "all pipes"... well, all except for the one in my kitchen, damn it!! Then I had to make a lasagna for Chef Hubby, the kids, and the sitter for tonight. I have to cover basketball games at the high school, and he has yet another meeting.

Well, hang in there - there will be lots of new stuff! As soon as I a get the chance :o)

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