Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Can't Get Anything Done

Am I the only one who has the attention span of a flea?? I was trying to explain to my husband what goes on in my mind while I am trying to do projects in the house. Here is an example of a day where I am trying to be super productive and end up getting nothing done...

So, now I am going to do the molding in the bathroom...

  1. I clean up the magazine rack in the bathroom and bring the ones we can use as references into the sunroom.
  2. Sort and store the magazines, then start to move the items in the sunroom that I took off the rack the other day, into the attic.
  3. Once in the attic, I start to sort through items that need to be thrown away or sorted to stay.
  4. Go back downstairs to once again try to work on the bathroom molding.
  5. Head into the basement to get the molding and the miter saw. Then I start to sort the stuff on a shelf downstairs because I want to make the basement more welcoming to workout in.
  6. Start to sand the table that I want to stain and finish. R
  7. Realize that I will be downstairs for a while and go back to get some laundry.
  8. Start 2 loads of laundry and sweep the floors of the basement.
  9. Go back upstairs (without the molding) for a cup of coffee and start cleaning kitchen.
  10. Remember that the new spout for the faucet still doesn't fit and I need to bring it back to Lowe's to find an adaptor. Put that and the receipt into my coat in the bedroom.
  11. Make the bed.
  12. Sort the clothes that I folded the other day.
  13. Bring Phoebe's clothes into her room.
  14. End up vacuuming.
  15. Bring Payton's clothes into her room.
  16. Try to figure out how to reconfigure the bedroom so that I can set up a TV because she's peeing in the potty like a "Big Girl" and has been promised this FOREVER.
  17. Realize she has too many pieces of large furniture and decide the bookcase in the sunroom would fit better than the larger bookcase she currently has.
  18. Back in the sunroom where I empty the CDs and stuff out of the bookcase and bring them upstairs.
  19. Realize it's almost time for work and I have to get ready.
  20. End up forgetting clothes in the washers. Haven't touched the bathroom. Don't have time to go to Lowe's for the spout. Haven't even finished sanding the table.

I seriously don't think that this is normal... and I swear I am not even remotely making this up!!! It's soo frustrating. UGH!!


kathy said...

I feel your pain. Its the side effect to not being able to put blinders on when you start a task.

What impresses me is that you're not afraid of tools like so many other moms out there :)

-Tee- said...

Thanks! My mom and I have actually redone her apartment and most of mine. Including... molding, panelling, wallpaper, joint compound texturing, venitian plaster, a little electrical, and a tiny bit of plumbing. Not too bad, huh?? lol

Lucky ♥ Holly said...

Hi Tee,

Thanks for your comment! I'm glad your able to enjoy my blog for the week too.

Lucky Holly