Sunday, January 17, 2010


My kids have never been to Disney World, but all of a sudden have been asking about it. I think that some friends in school either went there for vacation, or will be heading there soon. Anyway, for Christmas we bought them a bank that counts the change as you put it in, so they can learn how to save money.

We told them that we are going to save for Disney, but it's going to take about 2 yrs. Plus, Whenever they complain that mommy or daddy has to work, we say, "We have to work to make money so we can go on trips, and buy the things we want".

Well, at school they are talking about Hawaii now. The kids get very excited about this stuff, so at the dinner table the other day, this is what our conversation was...

Phoebe: "Mommy, when it's not a school night can we go to Hawaii?" - (we have very boring school nights, no tv, no "sleep overs". Just dinner, homework, baths, stories, bed with music)

I said: "Phoebe, do you know that Hawaii is even more expensive than Disney World?"

Phoebe: "Oh, well you and daddy need to work more so we can make enough money to go to Hawaii."

What the hell do you say to that?!?! lmao - at least she gets it, right??


kathy said...

Teaching them about money is certainly difficult. We have lots of discussions about whether or not they have the money to buy something and why I won't just go out and buy it for them. I've tried to put things in perspective too for them like at the grocery store for example showing them how you can buy two boxes of store brand O shaped cereal for the same money as one box of actual Cheerios or that the cake they want costs as much as 6 packs of snacks (and isn't nearly as healthy.)

We also talk about the money it costs just to have a house and heat and electricity and everything. I've been trying to teach them that buying the car for example is only part of the price of ownership. Taxes and insurance and gas and upkeep aren't free.

We also talk a lot about commercials. Especially when they say "I want that" even though they don't even know what that is! I ask them why they want it and what they think it will do for them and where it will be in a week if they got it and what message the people selling the item want you to learn and if that message is plausible.

All part of the joys of motherhood they don't cover in prenatal classes!

-Tee- said...

Finally!!! I felt so alone in this thing. The kids at the school seem to be given it all and all of a sudden they expect it all!

I also have to admit, my hubby and I were not taught great financial responsibility and I've decided that I will not be passing that sad experience on to my children. They will know that you have to work hard, save, prioritize and maintain finances.

I am hoping that starting now will really get through to them in the long haul! Thank you so much for your comments!