Sunday, May 29, 2011

Beginning to Feel Like Summer

This week I was able to mow the rest of my lawn and tame the ever growing raspberry bush we have in the yard. I know comparatively speaking, we have a small lot here in the city, but it's a lot for someone who has never actually had to take care of any land.

I planted some seeds in a starter kit a few weeks ago and today we are going to relocate them to the yard! YAY!! I am also going to do the daunting task of cleaning the grill. I am dreading it :(  Downstairs used it to cook all winter and it's pretty caked on at this point... bummer! I am marinating some chicken and veggies and they WILL be cooked on the grill... so it needs to be done.

I need to find stuff for the yard for the kiddos too. I want to get rid of the sandbox because they are really getting too big for it and would LOVE to put in a swingset, but the cost is ridiculous. Actually, I've also been trying to find one without the stupid seesaw thingy. You might as well call them a concussion waiting to happen! I've never seen a kid get whacked with a swing or mauled by a kid sliding down a slide, but ALWAYS see at least one get taken out by the stupid seesaw. Not cool!!

Side note... Payton just came out with a dress she wore yesterday...

Me: No, you can't wear that. You wore it yesterday.
Payton: But Daddy didn't put it in the hamper so it's not dirty.
Me: It is dirty. You wore it all day. Go find something else to wear.
Payton: It's not fair.
Me: Hey... Oh forget it.
Payton: What??
Me: Forget it.
Payton: What?!?!
Me: I said forget it. I was gonna say something, but I changed my mind.
Payton: Mommy, how can you change your mind about saying something???
Me: Seriously, go get dressed!!

When did she get so grown up?? She pays attention to everything and misses nothing. I am so screwed!!

Ok - Headed outside again :)  Yay... I love this weather!!

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