Monday, May 30, 2011

Run #1... Done!

So this was our first run! It was a total of 2.91miles, which I'm pretty bummed about because I thought for sure it was at LEAST 3miles :(  Oh well, at least we started on our goal of 100 miles in 99 days!

That means that we have 97.1 more miles to complete in the next 98 days. It's definitely doable and we're looking forward to it. Many of our friends have said  that they'd be interested in doing the challenge, and even participating in the 5K we are going to toss together on Labor Day weekend. I hope that this helps motivate you to get up and get going!

Let me know how your workouts are going? Today was an early morning - 7am with a temperature of about 70 degrees F with serious mugginess and sun!  This is NOT going to get me down... that would be just another excuse, right??

Have a great day with your family!

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* elizabeth * said...

LOL, you don't toss anything together. You're a killer planner, I know, I'm counting on your awesomeness!!