Monday, May 2, 2011

The Health Fair!! It's Almost here!!

I decided to join the PTO this year.

It doesn't seem like a big deal, right? Well, I have this little problem where I think I "can do it all". I mean, the very first meeting I went to I volunteered for the Dance Committee AND I volunteered to be the Head of the Health Fair Committee; how hard could it be? I love health fairs. I have a career in health. I know a lot of people and vendors personally, or through my hubby. Piece of cake - NOT!

So it's been 6 months since that first meeting and the Health Fair is this weekend. YAY!!

We had a logo contest in February and several entries were really good, but one literally blew our socks off. We didn't even have to vote. When we saw it, we knew! Logo - Done!

Then we started pulling together vendors and instructors for demos. Oh did, I forget to mention our highlight?? Yes, we are even holding a Smile Mile Event... with medals for the kiddos. How cool is that?? The even COOLER part... we found a place that was able to put the logo on the medal. hehe. Sorry, I get giddy when I see them. They aren't etched, but the stickers on them rock! I think the kids are going to be excited.

Actually, this morning, I was able to go into several of the classrooms and I was telling them about the event. I said "Every little kid who finishes the race gets a medal!". One of the little boys raised his hand excitedly saying "A medal?? Like a real champion?!" I said, "Yes, like a champion! Because everyone who finishes it is a champion". They were ecstatic!

Anyway, the event is almost here... I'm excited. I don't sleep anymore. I might have an ulcer... but it's so going to be worth it! Check out our poster. How cool is that, huh?? Wish me luck! Maybe I'll see you there?

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