Saturday, April 30, 2011

Lazy Saturday

  It's almost time for me to go to work and I still haven't even gotten dressed. That's the type of day I had in mind when I got up this morning... my kids had a different plan. Why is that they are content to do nothing when they are home with Daddy, but if Mommy's home we need to actually DO something?? This is definitely the unanswered question in my house.
  So I was able to watch a few minutes of "Me or the Dog" when Phoebe plopped her Cake Bakery kit on my lap. This is one of the gifts that Santa thought would be a great idea. Why, oh why, doesn't Santa ever actually think through the whole gift selection thing? He always seem to think about what the kids would most want and NOT about how much of the activity would actually involve mommy. lmao! Next year, there will be a lot more "independent" gifts under the tree... of course, I always say that.
  So with the box on my lap, I was able to buy a little time claiming that I needed to read the instructions. It seemed pretty simple. Add some water, throw the batter into the little shapes and microwave for 30secs. Then add some water to the fondant, mix, roll out and place on the cake. No Problem! HA!
  So the cakes were mixed, cooked, and cooling on the table. Now the kiddos picked the white, pink and yellow fondants. I added the water and tried to mix. This process was NOT going well. We had to add a little more water. Then a little powdered sugar cuz the 2 freaking drops were too many... 25mins later I had a 1-2inch ball of fondant of each of the colors. Then we started to roll it out. It looked good... until we tried to pick it up off the mat.
  I was trying sooo hard to keep my wits about me, because today is also the first day that I've had to start decreasing my coffee intake. Apparently, a pot a day on a empty stomach, isn't good for you. So I got to start with Prilosec today and will be scheduling an Upper GI and ultrasound this week. Not cool!
  After a LOT of struggling and a few tears... from me. We were able to finish the cakes. I was responsible for covering the actually cake and the kids decorated the rest all by themselves... tada... The faces of the happy artists. BTW - if Food Network is reading... they are both training so that they can have a cake show when they get older!!! You can't make this stuff up :)

Payton and her master piece!

Phoebe with her mini layer cake :)

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