Saturday, April 9, 2011

Saturday Morning Music

Over at Piece of Cake, Laura has been posting what she's been listening to on Saturday morning. I like it because then I get to check out some new stuff. I already loved the song she posted today, but had to listen to it 2 or 3 times anyway. I'm cool like that! lol

This morning, we woke up, ate, and ran out of the house so I could cover the Freshman Softball game. The kids came with me which is cool because they are finally at the age where I don't freak out if they aren't right with me. Which is very helpful by the way, especially when an injury occurs and I do actually have to do my job. Anyway, about 45 mins into the game I realized that we had forgotten to sign Phoebe up for Soccer :(

I am seriously never going to earn the "Mom of the Year" award... EVER!!

This is the first team we were ever signing her up for and I completely forgot about it. I also forgot to pack snacks for my kids... which is a VERY bad thing.

Trust me... it was frustrating when Payton was crying that she was starving even though she had just eaten 2 1/2 hrs earlier. BUT not nearly as frustrating as it was when she started screaming... and I mean SCREAMING from about 50yds away, because there was a bug on her. Yeah, everyone was looking to see if she was missing an appendage or something. Then Phoebe started screaming an crying because she saw the bug on Payton!! It was a little bug... a moth or something. It was awful.

Well, hubby came and delivered some food and beverages. Isn't he the best :) Then he headed out to pick up the recumbent bike I found for him on Craiglist. I love that site... I really do. He's been losing weight too, which is very helpful this time around on Weight Watchers. I mean, he's always been supportive and my mom lives downstairs and is on the program, but I still felt a little alone. So when he said that's the piece of equipment he wanted, I started searching.

We already have a treadmill, elliptical, and punching bag in the basement, but we don't use any of them because they're in the basement. I wish I could get rid of the playroom and turn it into a workout room. That would be sooo cool, but seriously, the whole room would fit like 2 pieces of equipment and it would be full.

So the bike is parted in the middle of my double parlor next to the bar... lol. It's pretty ironic actually. I've decided that we definitely have too much stuff but I don't know how to get rid of any of it. I think I have to take a serious inventory and figure it all out. I don't know. Anyway, I started with the music... and in the car we got to listen to the kids music. I know a lot of people don't do this but I let them get their time too. Here is one of their favorites...

  789 by the Barenaked Ladies

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