Thursday, April 7, 2011

Songs that keep me going right now...

This is the song the kids and I listen to on the way to school, almost every day. I love this song. Payton LOVES this song and sings it at the top of her little lungs! I love that kid. This was the only song on the entire workout playlist my brother made me, that I NEEDED on it. The only one I wanted on it. 

Then you have "Burning Heart" by Survivor. This one is written about 2 men duking it out in the ring, fighting for their country. I have to admit though, I think it goes a little deeper now. You can pretty much use it as the USA's theme song. Man, I love my country :)

And then the song that I have set at about 28mins on my 5K training playlist... it goes me pumped and running like crazy! BTW - It took me FOREVER to come up with this song. I listen to Cat Country 98.1 all of the time... lmao

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