Friday, April 8, 2011

One of those days...

Remember that cute little hamster I told you about a week ago, Caramel? Well, she escaped last night. Yup... one of those days.

Now I get to tell my kiddos that they hamster is gone again!! 2 times in 8 days. Is that some sort of record? At least this one didn't just die. Maybe I can tell them she went back home or something. Think they'll believe it? I think I'm not going to say anything yet. We'll see if they notice...

*** Update - The hamster HAS BEEN FOUND!! lol
She is now confined to a single cage without any of the attachments... at least until she grows a little and can't fit through the damn slots! Man, the kids were bummed. I was a mess. I have this need to be in control and she is determined to prevent that. Phew - I'm hoping this was the first AND last time. No more hamsters after this. EVER!! 


Laura said...

I can not even count the amount of times our hamster got out...and we always found him. Always! He was like a dog. Strange. I hope you find your hamster. Good news is that it is a hamster, and not a snake.

Now...please e mail me!
I have to send you something!!!

have a great day! it is almost over! woo hoo!

-Tee- said...

So excited the stupid little hamster is back... lol! She lost a LOT of her space though. She HAD 2 cages and tubes, etc. Now, she's got a smaller wheel, one hiding spot and no tubes. When she gets bigger she can have more playspace :)