Monday, April 11, 2011

I love food!!

No, seriously. I LOVE food!

    Ice Cream

It's funny. People ask me what my favorite restaurant is and I can never figure it out. I can tell you what my favorite Chinese place is, or pizza place, or my favorite fast food, ice cream, or burger joint... but a favorite restaurant?? I don't have one.

I have my husband and he is a chef.
He is an AMAZING chef!
A Certified Executive Chef actually.

He can whip me up something Iron Chef style anytime I want... I am a lucky girl :) Tonight, I called him and asked if I can have seared scallops accompanied by cheese ravioli tossed in a roasted red pepper pesto... and when I got home... ta da! Dinner! Told ya I was lucky.

Well, there are other perks that come with Chef Hubby's skills in the kitchen. We get to go to cool stuff like Food Shows and Tastings and American Culinary Federation Dinners... oh my. Last night just so happened to be one of those times. My mom watched the kids, we got dressed all cute and headed to The Celestial Cafe in Exeter, RI. The people were amazing, so conversation was not short... neither was the food.

Cocktail Hour

Grilled local oysters drizzled with a smoked Ledge Ends chili 
and balsamic reduction topped with micro basil.

Carpenter Farm butternut squash made into a wonton filled with 
Narragansett Creamery ricotta and drizzled with a Rhody Fresh cream 
with Ledge Ends Produce organic garlic.

Local Kenyon Grist Mill johnny cakes topped with hummus, fresh hand cut salsa 
and Narragansett Creamery sharp cheese, then well baked.

Tender sliced Maple Leaf Farm duck breast seared to perfection, rolled in an egg 
roll wrapper with bok choy, S&P Gardiner onions, Ledge Ends Produce carrots, 
Laurel Hill micro greens, and drizzled with a ginger peanut Thai sauce.

Schartner’s Farm native winter squash, S&P Gardiner roasted red peppers, winter 
spice, and a splash of Amaretto almond liquor.

Baby greens tossed with a Sakonnet red wine vinaigrette and topped with 
Reynolds’s Farm goat cheese, candied Green Farm cranberries,  South County 
Apiary honey and Cajun tossed nuts.

Filet wrapped in a homemade piecrust dusted with a smoked sea salt and served 
with an organic mushroom mix including Shitake mushrooms from Farming Turtle 
Farm, served with garlic whipped S&P Gardiner potatoes and sautéed Ledge Ends 
Produce organic greens.
Chef's Choice of Dessert

Local apples from Barden Family Orchard flambéed with rum and South County 
Apiary honey then served over Celestial’s frozen custard made with Pat’s 
Pastured egg yolks, and Rhody Fresh cream.


A warm flourless chocolate cake topped with a scoop of homemade gelato ice cream 
made from Pat’s Pastured eggs and Rhody Fresh cream.

Oh and did I mention they even did a wine pairing for each course? Yeah, I'm a big girl now and I drink wine... lol. I remember back in the day when I thought that Arbor Mist counted! All in all it was a great night, with great food, great people, and most importantly... my hubby ;) I love that guy!

So, all in all, after racking my brain, I have to admit that my favorite place to eat is my dining room. I love having breakfast every morning with my kiddos before school. I love coming home to dinner at night. I can't resist a dinner, cocktail, super bowl, pastry... you name it, PARTY... in our place. 

It's the best restaurant in town!

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